Monday, May 21, 2007

The Purpose of This Blog

I have a copy of Leo Tolstoy's "A Calendar of Wisdom" translated from Russian by Peter Sekirin. Leo Tolstoy made a collection of sayings that elevated his spirit when he created it, as well as when he read it over and over. The book has an acclamation by Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of "Simple Abundance," who used words like 'profound' and 'passionate' to describe this work. One aspect that stands out among all others is that it is deeply personal.

I would like to follow suit. The entries in this blog may not all be original. But I don't think the experience is as effective unless the words and phrases are held as deeply personal. I will share with you some of my thoughts, dreams, sayings, etc, and invite you to do the same thing. I have no agenda. It enhances my life to write. (See Julia Cameron's book, "The Right to Write.") However, if you share your thoughts, we may greatly benefit from each other's insight. After all, relationships are the synapses of life, and we can choose to enhance our experiences together.

What is one of your favorite devotionals and why?

Here are the referenced books from Amazon. I included a men's version of Simple Abundance.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dwight,
I read your entry on The Center for Improved Living. I grew up in Dunellen...can't believe I never heard of your grandfather's castle! It would have been a great place to bring my party pals to in "76!