Saturday, May 7, 2016

What is Your "Why?" How is Your "Who?" Where is Your "When?"

The answers to these questions are significant to living your fullest. In a huge way, they contribute to defining what "living your fullest" means to you.

Here are the 3 questions I like to combine to begin* giving the clearest vision for finding, and living, your purpose in life. To round it out, ask yourself these questions, not once, not twice, but at least 3 to 5 times. Depth is amazing; so dive in!

  • What is your "Why?" 
  • How is your "Who?"
  • Where is your "When?"

* I say "begin" because in your journey through life, there are other major contributions to living with purpose. Expect to continue refining your vision and mission, receiving and implementing feedback, and adjusting your walk based on experience and knowledge.

What do those questions mean?

What is your "Why?" creates a clear assertion you proclaim to yourself, and others as necessary, as the reason why you live. It is the discovery of God's will for your life on earth.

As you read and assimilate God's word, what stirs in your heart to the point of moving your feet? Thoughts in relation to others, lost or saved, and that begin with "I would love to..." can provide excellent insight into aligning your purpose with God's eternal plan.

In what way would you be inclined to come alongside others just as Christ came alongside you and is indeed in you? Answer "Why?" until you know it by heart, and then live by heart.

How is your "Who?" gives you an honest assessment of the welfare of the very people you intend to serve by providing the most value to the quality of their lives.

We know the only word of God can truly transform a person. We know He sends His Spirit to meet a person wherever they are in life. (They don't have to pre-qualify to receive the love of Christ.) We also know He loves them too much to leave them where they are.

Are you prepared to meet others where they are in life? Do you have a heart or yearning for people in, or from, particular circumstances? What are their situations and attitudes now, and where do you want to help them go and grow?

We know God gives the growth. How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to plant or water? How can you make yourself more receptive to them to increase your influence for their good? Are you really listening to understand their pain, security, and struggles?

Where is your "When?" locates your time for these resulting, purposeful tasks. It is the act of transforming your intangible dreams into tangible goals. It is living on purpose.

We all have something we want to do someday. But what can you do today that will move you in the direction of your purpose and goals? What about this week? This month?

If you're like me, tools for writing down and scheduling goals come in so handy; calendars, reminders, smart phone apps, to do lists, etc. Where can you store this information about your purpose and goals so they are readily available, and perhaps even alert you when things need to be done? What tools and methods works best for you? Use them wisely.

Final Note:

Living your purpose on purpose should be both challenging and rewarding. Helping others makes the hard work of getting clarity of purpose, sacrificing personally, and absorbing life experiences all worthwhile.

Learn to welcome the challenge of understanding your purpose; what it is, who it serves, and when you can live it out. Engaging with a Christian Life Coach can help you through this discovery process to maximize the value you can contribute as God's servant-leader.

~ ~ ~

Note: No doubt, you will have to put something else off in order to address these questions properly. You might as well decide right here and now what is less important than finding out what "living your fullest" means. You don't have to answer the questions right now; you can if you want. But, at least start thinking about how you can make time to do so.

Ask yourself, "What lies cold and empty inside you, like a worthless habit, that you can readily give up in order to stoke the coals that would set your soul on fire for God?"

Block time in your hectic schedule and get ready for some profound discovery! It is well-worth it because you are well worth it. Think of it as others unwittingly waiting for you to discover your purpose so you can positively impact their lives.

As always, in prayer with faith, in your words with action, seek God's righteousness first (Matthew 6:33), be transformed by the renewal of your mind, and do not be conformed to the patterns of this world (Romans 12:2). God bless you and others who will be blessed through your choice to live on purpose. Amen!

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