Saturday, February 13, 2016

Revelations For Life: An Introduction

There are two ways to get lessons about life. 
You either look for them, or they will find you.

Either way, they want to be learned. If you don't learn the precious lessons related to your life, they'll keep coming back until you do. In my experience, this is not often at the most opportune time.

Here are a few lessons I've learned in my lifetime.
  • Seek them out first, and keep seeking them, before they seek you.
  • Give them time to work in your heart and find expression in your life.
  • Life lessons are meant to be for your own personal journey.
  • Be willing to change according what these life lessons teach.
  • Sharing your personal journey helps others have the courage to grow.
  • Not everyone is seeking to learn lessons in life; don't force their choice.
  • As joyful as it can feel, don't be deceived into thinking you've arrived.
  • Instead, start over again. This time with more experience and wisdom.

It hurts to let go of what we hoped for, dreamed of, or expected in life when the life lesson throws in the unexpected or tells us to take a different path. It hurts when our family and friends don't want us to take a different path we feel called to take. It hurts because we cannot imagine that a 'different path' would be so important for us, yet so offensive to those who want things to stay the same, or return to how it used to be. We are torn and life feels bitter.

But, life must move forward; like time, it has no choice. You and I, however, do have a choice. I hope to encourage and inspire you to seek out life's lessons, take time to assimilate them, and warmly embrace them.

I can assure you, the bitterness dissipates and joy returns with even greater, more genuine strength.

Life is not a game of hide and seek; it's a journey of blindness and discovery. On this journey, we can truly understand why David said in Psalm 23, "my cup overflows." When we ask, seek, and knock, it will be given to us. We will find what we seek and doors will appear where we saw none before. They will often fly open to usher us in to a new life, one we hadn't imagined, one we couldn't have imagined.

The rewards of absorbing life's lessons are sweet as honey. Lessons that are profound, life-changing, even spiritual are revelations. I invite you to witness milestones in my journey which I affectionately call, 'Revelations For Life'.

May these revelations warm your soul and touch your heart.

Feel free to jump in anywhere and read randomly, such as in Write to Heal, or follow the few series that I've put together by label, such as Why Scripture?

I am motivated by love to share my journey. 
I pray it is with love you receive it.

Wishing You an Abundance of Blessings,