Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year - Again!

It's been over four years since my last entry in this blog. Much has happened, like the 2-year pandemic of COVID-19 during which time I wrote and published my first children's book. Much is new, like the new and significant relationship that developed. So, 2024 is not just another year, no. I have entered another stage in life. Allow me to share...

Some things have not changed much, if at all. Some of that is beneficial, such as the continuation of distinctive Bible Study via Word is Truth Christian Church, for which I'm grateful. Although the medium for recording Bible study lessons has changed from audio to video, it has not lost its potency. Some of what has not changed lingers. It is not so beneficial. I will keep them personal, at least for now.

Do I have any resolutions this year? Yes and no. Basically, they're the same as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. I've learned I'm weak. That is, I'm not so good at keeping promises I've made even to myself. (Hence, no blog entries.) So, no, resolutions don't necessarily cut it for me. 

Can you relate? Saying you'll work on a good habit every day and it only lasts two, three days? Rather, I need to be passionate about it, like riding my mountain bike every chance I get because I love it.

Fortunately, these past few years have been good for my own education, especially in regard to writing. I'm here now, writing in faithfully in my faithful blog, because someone wrote about not fearing what others may say or not say. I'm here to write for myself. 

Some Revelations for Life lessons I've learned:

  • I discovered my wounded inner-child and the source for things not going well, especially in regard to relationships, including the primary one between my reparenting adult-self and my dear inner-child, who is hungry and thirsty for authentic compassion.
  • I love to write, this I knew, but how to be happy and intentional about showing up is key. I'm honored to have met and worked with Milli Thornton of 'Write More Words'. One product of that relationship is my published book, "Who Else Can Love You? Things to Tell Your Child, Inner or Outer." It contains poetic affirmations of things I wish I'd heard as a child from a compassionate parent. I now am in another course she created called "Lucky Learning."
  • Mindful self-care is essential for me. I'm not always good at it, but it's mostly working out well. I'm trying to be mindful that similar self-care applies in my relationships. I like words such as wholehearted, authentic, vulnerable, safe space, genuine, real, and loving.
I do have something like a resolution to make, which is to consciously acknowledge and nurture my writing projects, like this blog and the book that will come from it. What's more, I plan to create a new edition to my already published book beyond the formats of hardcover, softcover, audiobook and eBook (Kindle). It will contain more of my own thoughts on inner-children. 

I have a second in a series of books in progress with variations on answers to "Who Else Can Love You?" I also have a children's book in progress that stretches my imagination by varying the writing to match the mood of the immediate content. Lastly, I plan to create a memoir of church experiences versus Bible study lessons, which didn't always agree, with surprising results.

There's more Revelations For Life to come. There's so much more to write about. 

So, in the words of Arnold, "I'll be back!"