Friday, December 18, 2009

Thinking Thoughts & Giving Wings to Things

Thoughts are things. You become what you think about most. What you feel is real. As a man thinks, so is he. Vision without action is a dream; action without vision is a nightmare. Wake up!

The 'stickman' concept* used to describe the Law of Attraction symbolizes the process of choosing our thoughts and molding them into vivid dreams or clear visions, truly believing and feeling our dreams and clarifying our visions as if they have already happened, and then letting our dreams and visions motivate us into action with purpose, intention, focus, and passion. It shows that the seed of our desired results is planted as soon as the thoughts are deliberately chosen, no matter from whence they came.

So, I do not ask what I’m passionate about; I create the passion. It's hard work to force my focus upon the actions steps of someone else's project plan; it's easy to let my focus be upon what I deeply believe to be true. I do not make a clear plan of action without clearly knowing where I’m headed. A clear vision adds intensity to intention. I focus on changing me, not my circumstances. Changed circumstances are a result of changing who I am. Change the world from the inside out.

What thoughts, then, do I choose? I cannot choose money. Its abundance or lack in my life is merely a result of who I am, or what I’ve become, not a cause. Nor is it enough to ask what I would think and how I would feel if money were abundant in my life. Rather, what do I think and how do I feel now that money is abundant in my life? Those things, and my attitude, I can choose. I can choose to become, not have. However, having things and circumstances that support who I've become will show up in my life as a result. I can be stressed and anxious and claw at what I want, or I can simply have faith that this process is true and choose my being.

Again, what thoughts, then, do I choose? I choose to have undivided integrity in my life so that I become worthy of golden opportunities. I choose to have a very generous heart so that God will provide me with things to give away. I choose to know forgiveness and grace so that the voice of my heart grows boldly. I choose to always pursue truth and excellence so that I may inspire others to discover and exercise their gifts. I choose to always be mindful of my purpose and roles in life so that maturity and respect are earned, never assumed. I choose to work hard, as to the Lord and not men (Colossians 3:23), so that my resolve is not weakened by pride.

* The 'stickman' concept is a simple drawing of a stickman with a large head with a horizontal line drawn through it. The line divides the mind into Conscious and Subconscious halves. The idea is that Conscious thoughts and beliefs are willfully chosen. These thoughts and beliefs are implanted into the Subconscious mind through intentional repetition. (Other Subconscious beliefs, whether desirable or not, can be implanted through trauma, physical or otherwise.)

Our Subconscious minds determine our dominant actions through motivation and passion. That is, we mostly do what our Subconscious minds believe to be true. The result of our actions will ultimately reinforce our Subconscious beliefs by validating the Conscious thoughts we have chosen, and the cycle continues.

The body of the stickman houses the source of truth for us: our hearts. If we nurture the ability to listen to our hearts, we become aware or awakened, as some say. It follows that if we hear the voice of Truth speaking to us, we can choose those thoughts instead of the ineffectual ones we've heard from other people (family or society), and begin the cycle anew. Conversely, most people fail to listen and heed that voice. The result is that they reinforce a downward spiral of negative beliefs.

So, as you can see, the Law of Attraction is not a matter of 'positive thinking' alone, although that's a good start.