Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Rabbit in a Habit
(or, How God Works... Sometimes)

There once was a rabbit in a habit,
A habit that she could not shake.

She wore this habit like hair,
But her friends always knew it was fake.

Thinking that this habit was real,
No effort to change did she make.

Yes, the habit had smothered her heart,
Stealing passion, for heaven's sake!

She promised herself, "I'll never marry,"
Never a muffin in the oven to bake.

Sharing life with similar rabbits,
She needed a different take.

Then one day her best friend died.
She buried her face and deeply cried.
There was no understanding, though she tried,
When death proclaimed, "your life has lied."

Grief tightly gripped her heart,
While she was sobbing at the wake.

The urge to escape then seized her,
So, she sought solitude at a lake.

It was there that her eyes were opened,
Her heart made the target of a rake.

Though it took an event that was no fun,
Her whole heart was wholly won.
She had no place nor desire to run,
Her own spirit had been undone.
Feeling as if she would lose a ton,
Made her long habit easy to shun.

Her life, she thought and muttered out loud,
Was only death, ashes, and no piece of cake.

The rabbit in a habit had a habit no more;
Then came a knock, and she opened the door.
She became rich who once was poor,
Singing and dancing she started to soar.
God's Spirit now in her was not folklore,
Nor was tradition, ritual, or what she wore.
She was filled with the Spirit to the core,
Life would be different now, not like before.