Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beginning Unstuck

One person said in a comment that the name sounded like a website for geriatrics. But they were delightfully surprised (my words) that it wasn't. It's called "The Center for Improved Living."

Each day, a simple statement is made or a simple question is asked, yet it's always unexpected and makes me think, even if just a little. Today's question was, "What's the best thing that happened to you in the last two days?" I commented that I had started this blog.

I appreciate the blog, mostly the author, Marc Horowitz (who's main blog is "I Need to Stop Soon," which is a little strange for my tastes), because, to me, it's original and creative. If I omitted the names of other contributors to 'The Center', please forgive me. Perhaps leave a comment to let everyone know.

Mostly, I appreciate its simplicity and its success at getting me to start my day unstuck. Instead of thinking of all the usual routine things I must (or at least should) accomplish, I can think of something entirely different and get my creative juices flowing. For one, I'm more productive when I'm creative, and not feeling overwhelmed before I start anything. For another, it gets me writing my thoughts, rather than trying to think of something to write. By the way, whoever coined the term: 'creative juices'? Why not 'spontaneous sparks of wonder'? Too long?

Do you have a morning routine that helps you start the day with a brighter or more creative outlook? Do you write, exercise, read, meditate, plan your day, kiss the kitty, wake up earlier than others in your family, or hit th snooze button for an hour? What gets your creative juices flowing? Or do you feel this flow has mostly dried up for you? When do your creative juices flow the least inhibited? What happens when they do?

As always, I welcome your comments to any or all of these questions.


The Center for Improved Living said...

i am the one man band on the center. My friends and i discuss the questions often, but i'm the only poster.

Anonymous said...

My daily routine consists in taking a shower first thing in the morning, if I have breakfast or anything else instead... well, it will be a bad beginning! On the other hand my inspirational flow always appears when I'm alone in the street and I can´t tell anybody neither write it anywhere. It's life! Greetings!

Dean said...

I have a blog that is somewhat like TCFIL, too. It's

How did you tweak your blog URL so that even if I type 'www.revelationsforlife.COM' it will redirect me to

Rebecca said...

I get up before anyone in the house, after hitting the snooze button for 20 minutes, generally. While it may not be particularly inspirational, it is quiet, and I do like a calm start to my day.

I can become inspired at any time of the day. I might see, read or hear something that captures my imagination and I'm off. Sometimes, it is just an event that in my life that I want to reflect on for a while (gotta love blogs for this!) At 41 I would hope my inspiration well has not yet run dry!! That would be extremely distressing.

Dwight said...


For now, I simply registered the domain,, via GoDaddy and redirected it, via 'My Accounts', to my blogger URL. In the future, I will actually host the domain and blog together so that redirection is not necessary. Please send me an email, in my profile, for further details. - Dwight