Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why Scripture? (Part 5) Consider the Source.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1 ESV)

Sometimes, when I tell a colleague at work what I heard, that is, what's the rumor being spread, who's getting what work, etc., the person will turn to me and confidently say, "Consider the source."

Instantly, I recognize that there may not be any truth at all to the rumor going around, and my mind no longer entertains the unfounded claim. Rather, I simply tell myself that if there's even a speck of truth worth pondering, I'll wait until it comes from an authority.

In the first verse of John of the first chapter of John, we have such an authority, and its truth is well worth pondering. Consider these three claims: 1) the Word existed from the beginning, 2) the Word and God were always together, and, in fact, 3) the Word of God and God are the same thing.

We could ask, "In the beginning of what?" What does it mean by "with"? Does it mean they were in accord with one another? Or did they actually exist together, like Father and Son? Good questions.

But, the thought I will highlight today is the third one, literally, "the Word was God." With this thought comes the notion that...

Your attitude toward the Word is the same as your attitude toward God. 

That claim ought to give us pause to examine motives deep in our hearts. Do I really treat Them the same, or do I claim to know God even while not comprehending His Word? Do I place emphasis on a personal relationship, yet dismiss what this Person is trying to tell me? Do I think it's just a set of rules with a reminder that He loves me? Have I become reliant on an interpreter, like someone called a priest or pastor, minister or reverend, to shield me from what is overwhelming, so I can focus on trying to be a good person and/or trying to obey the Ten Commandments?

Evaluating our attitudes and responding to the call of God is a grace-filled opportunity. Perhaps, we've never considered the equality of the Word and God quite like this. If so, let us change our attitudes and treat Scripture with a new found respect. In any case, let us pray that the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, will use our time in Scripture to guide us into all truth. It's all there. He's all there.

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