Monday, February 28, 2011

A Letter to the Lord

In the morning, I usually write my prayers out. Sometimes my prayer is specific, sometimes it's general, and sometimes it's both. I always capitalize words and pronouns that refer to God or Jesus, such as You; my personal preference. (The 'circumstances' to which I refer in this prayer are improved personal finances and church experience.) Here's a small prayer I'd like to share.

Dear Father God,
It is no secret to You that I have longed and prayed and hoped for different circumstances. Your ears are full of my supplications and pleas. Yet, where are the sounds of my gratitude? In everything and for everyone in my life let me be truly thankful. Let me be filled with the Holy Spirit. May I walk in the light and fellowship of Jesus Christ always.

Although this letter / prayer is small, I mean it with all my heart. I will periodically share more, but I wanted to include this so that my readers would know from other posts that I am not without a definite Christian essence. I realize some of my posts seem quite secular and even a little dark. But, above all, I hope to be real here. After all, these are my revelations for life. Life goes on; I struggle, I grow, I change, and hopefully, I mature. God bless you, reader!!

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