Saturday, April 23, 2016

Simple Bible Study Outline - Lesson 3

Opening Comment: 

I was more intentional about making this interactive and it went very well. Please take your time to consider these questions thoroughly and look beyond what you think you already know. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you through this spiritual information.

I pray also, that the eyes of your heart, dear reader, are enlightened that you may know the incredible riches of His grace in Christ Jesus. Again, my Bible Study Lessons are actually intended to be interactive; best when live in person. Nevertheless, please leave your comments, post your questions, and let's dialogue. (You're welcome to use your username or remain anonymous.)

Review verses:

(I downloaded and use almost all the time, and prefer the ESV, NIV, and KJV translations. However, you can also look up these verses in your favorite translation at

John 16: 4-15
John 3: 16-18
Romans 3: 10-31
2 Peter 1: 16-21
1 Peter 2: 2-3

Discussion Questions:

1. In verses John 16:12-15, what is the role-name of the Holy Spirit in John 16? Why is this role assigned to Him? What does this mean for those who are saved? When did get this role? How can we benefit?

2. What are His other roles and responsibilities (verses John 16:8-10)? [We will study those in more detail later.]

3. What does it take to be saved according to Ephesians 2:8-9 & John 3:16-18? Is that it? Are you sure? How can we know? What about lifestyles and heinous sins? Do these have to change first before one can be saved, or at the same time that salvation occurs? In fact, is salvation a process or a moment? Why?

It's likely we'll be out of time before we get to all the questions above. But that should not thwart us from diligently and humbly seeking Him on our own, between lessons.

We should consider going deep and exhausting these doctrines until we see God leaves no wiggle room. His way cannot be one way for some people and other ways for other people.

Questions for Later:

1. Who has or who can do right by God before salvation, to find favor with Him?

2. Where should we go and with what attitude(s) to discover His grace and truth?

3. Why can't we just settle into a nice church family and let that suffice? What if you're deployed or away on business and there is no local church family?

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