Saturday, February 17, 2018

Perhaps I Can Love

Perhaps murder and suicide are really two sides of the same coin whose ends are nonsensical and sudden death. The common, primary active ingredient in both acts is unresolved anger, anger that is built-up for years until the trigger is pulled in an unbearable, godless moment.

Perhaps killing another is an external expression of that pent-up, seething anger, where suicide is an internal suppression of rage. (After all, depression, in many cases, so I've felt and heard, is anger turned inward.) Murder-suicide being a combination of both. Both expressions are pathetic and tragic, and rip to shreds the hearts of those who were close to the victims. I'm so saddened to learn what one human being is capable of doing to another soul. It's soulless. What can I do?

Perhaps I can love the outcast, befriend the troubled, offer hope to the hopeless, spiritually adopt the lonely as my brothers and sisters. To do so, I'll have to risk being vulnerable, authentic, and genuine.

Perhaps risk mitigation comes in the form of love; I love because God first loved me.

Then, that settles it. It's time for me to let love have its way with my spirit. He is my strength and my song. In Him alone can I trust with my precious soul. If perfect love casts out fear, let me love fearlessly. Use me, Lord! May my life be used to save another soul.

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Dwight said...

Isabelle Robinson is a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She wrote a response to the overwhelming amount of claims suggesting children can possibly prevent tragedies, such as the Parkland school shooting, by being nice to troubled students.

As an adult, I support Isabelle's conclusion. My post was only to say that as an individual adult, I can and should choose to love and get involved than I have been where parenting is weak or absent. I'm not judging others or telling them what they should do, and I'm certainly not telling children that this is their problem.

Ms. Robinson's article can be found out at